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Little Cthulhu | R'lyeh Game

This is a character I created for our Senior Production class in the Game Design concentration at East Tennessee State University. I was given a character concept sheet from which I sculpted, retopologized, rigged, uved baked, textured, optimized and implemented the character into the game running off Unreal Engine 4.

Other than Animation and 2D concept, I was responsible for entire pipeline of the character.

The game "R'lyeh" follows a baby Cthulhu as he tries to restore power to R'lyeh so that he may continue his slumber.

Little C'thulhu

Nathan lokey ezgif com video to gif

In Game Animation

Animation by Forrest Blais

Nathan lokey 1 lil cthulhu 3 new clip

Initial 2D Character Concept Sheet by Marty Henley

Nathan lokey 1 lil cthulhu side view

Accepted concept and Side view by Marty Henley

Nathan lokey showoff

Posed for skin proofing

Nathan lokey rignbones

Rig Bone Structure and Control layout

Nathan lokey uv

Uv Mapping

Nathan lokey highfinish

Finished High Poly sculpt

Nathan lokey highfinish2
Nathan lokey animbp

Animation Blueprint setup inside UE4